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Eric Tobin

Eric Tobin is a highly regarded and heavily collected landscape painter from Vermont. His style and subject matter have a universal appeal, primarily because of his unique ability to capture the beauty of the moment, the light, and the setting. His love for his native Vermont can be seen in each of his works; they evoke the feelings of the natural setting in which he chooses to paint. All of his work is done outdoors, regardless of time of year, difficult setting, or rapidly changing conditions. Upon viewing his artwork many people find themselves drawn into them and experience the feeling they would have if they were actually present at the time of its painting. Eric Tobin has been interested in painting and drawing since childhood. Thomas Curtin, a very well-known landscape artist from Cambridge, Vermont, influenced him by giving him his first set of paints at the age of twelve. Eric remembers standing beside his mentor for hours on end watching him paint when he was a young boy. He was very impressed with and stimulated by his artwork. As an adult Eric admired the work of many regional landscape artists and has painted with many of them. Eric likes the solitude of painting by himself or with his daughter, Eliza Tobin, who loves fine art as well. By painting directly outdoors, Eric sees things he would miss from just looking at a photograph. In particular he tries to capture the landscape, the time of day, the season of the year, by the way the light plays on different objects. "I strive to paint the feeling of a place and particularly like painting in the winter, spring and fall," he says. Eric Tobin's work has been shown by many New England galleries and is in private and corporate collections across the country, and abroad. He has won many awards through the years for his work.