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Meg McLean

Landscape inspires me endlessly with its patterns and rhythms, the light altering shapes and colors and carving out layers of depth. Sometimes, as Iím driving along or walking the dogs, those factors coalesce in such a way that something sparks, and I clearly see a composition. I recognize what I didnít know I was looking for before I saw it. From that point a painting takes shape, either on site or from sketches, rearrangements, and parings-down back in my studio. Ultimately, the hope is to capture the observable character of a place as well as to retain what I canít see, the unseen spirit in that moment of recognition. Bio: Meg McLean is a painter and childrenís illustrator living in Lyme, New Hampshire. She is most often a landscape painter, taking for her inspiration the countryside of New England and, when she can get there, old England. She received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is a member of the Copley Society of Art, Boston. Her illustrations have appeared in books as well as national childrenís publications.